Rainy Day by Rubin

Now this is the type of art for us Whimsicals of today!  Rainy Day, enamel acrylic on canvas by contemporary artist Anya Rubin, embodies an unconventionally beautiful yet accurately fragmented depiction of modern day reflection.  With many different shapes, trials and happenings piecing together to for the gestalt of a wistful, or perhaps patient, seated female figure, Rubin accomplishes the very difficult task of conveying to you exacltly what she wants you to see, yet allowing you the opportunity as an art lover for vast interpretation.  TV Fish Bowl hales Rubin's art as revealing " what could be called the collective consciousness of contemporary society," as she capitalizes on the concept of forming a whole through the synergistic collection of many moving parts.


 I like this piece on a social level because it is easily appreciated by contemporary art connoisseurs due to it's undeniable confidence in conceptual prowess, yet accessible also to those unfamiliar or even disinterested in modern art or art all together for the very same reason.  It speaks.

But I like the piece on a personal level, because (apart from the fact that I feel it sums up the perception of our memory with time...memories fade with the millions of other stimuli that poke us from every which way, but still remain as a faded stamp among the bombardment) it puts into Art, a concept I have been trying to put into words, but have not jumped into yet on this blog, since it's still a budding yet seemingly fundamental concept:  The concept of the construction of many little working parts banding together to create a whole as it applies to the microcosmic level of many atoms making a molecule, many molecules making a cell, many cells making tissue, much tissue making an organ, many organs making a body, many bodies making a family, many families making a society, many societies making state....and the macrocosm level of many continents making a planet, many planets making a solar system, many solar systems making a galaxy, many galaxies making a universe and....so on?

If at such a microscopic level at a division even smaller than atoms, quirks and bosons, many independently different aspects of matter and energy coalesce together to form something greater, and if at every level on up this gestaltan concept remains in tact, does it not render that at the end of the day our entire galaxy could just be an atomic particle within a molecule of the acrylic paint making up one of the many pieces that form our wistful yet patient Rainy Days female figure.

Mona Lisa - Etch-A-Sketch

This etch-a-sketch of the Mona Lisa defines in part the revolution of human creativity, where ingenuity and resourcefulness becomes trumps true artistic talent and becomes it.

Once an abstract work of art who's features were heralded due to an inability to be recreated in essence, now a stepping stone for the massive amounts of Da Vinchi's today to start from and build upon the new found intelligence that was not available in the past.

Alex Grey

Alex Grey.  Perfection can only be attained through omniscience.  What can the mind not fathom that keeps us from becoming infinite beings?  The eyes of knowledge are jewels among gold.
Joseph Mallord Williams Turner's"Buttermere Lake With Park Of Cromackwater Cumberland A Shower.   Something about this painting...it strikes me with the vastly all-encompassing system of nature.